• Application:
    Based on the patient's brain MR imaging data and clinical data, the solution automatically classifications the subtype of ischemic stroke(TOAST) and assists medical staff in diagnosis of ischemic stroke.

    JBS-01K is an AI medical system that diagnoses a subtype of ischemic stroke using patient’s MR image and atrial fibrillation (AF) information.

    This system performs lesion detection and TOAST (Trial of ORG 10172 in Acute Stroke Treatment) classification of ischemic stroke using 3D hybrid artificial neural networks. JBS-01K provides classification probabilities by analyzing input MR images of 4 sequences (DWI, FLAIR, T1, T2) and clinical information data.

  • Application:
    based on the patient's brain CT imaging data the solution automatically detects hemorrhage lesion, classifications the type of hemorrhage stroke and assists medical staff in diagnosis of hemorrhage stroke.

    JBS-04K is an AI medical system that diagnoses hemorrhagic stroke using the patient’s CT images. This system analyzes CT images and then performs hemorrhagic lesion detection using 3D-based artificial neural networks, and provides the result of subtypes classification of the hemorrhagic stroke such as ICH, IVH and SAH.

  • Application:
    Based on the patient''s chest CT data, the solutions helps radiologists to identify whether the patient has lung cancer/TB or not by providing the probability of having the disease and the location of lesion area.

    JLD-01K is an AI-based medical system that simultaneously diagnoses lung cancer and tuberculosis using chest CT scans. This system is based on 3D hybrid artificial neural networks for multi-label classification and class mapping technology for lesion detection. It provides a probability for each class of lung disease and activation map of lesions based on feature intensity.

  • Application:
    Based on the patient's chest X-ray data, the solution helps radiologists to identify which lung diseases the patient has by providing the type of lung disease it sees in the data, the probability of having  the disease and the location of lesion area.

    JLD-02K is an AI medical system that diagnoses lung diseases using simple chest X-ray images and clinical information. This system is based on a hybrid artificial neural network technology for lesion detection and lung diseases classification. It also provides the AI analyzed probability of having each lung disease. It assists physicians to diagnose which lung diseases are shown on the image.

  • Application:
    Based on the patient's multiparametric prostate MRI data, the solution automatically analyze the location of prostate cancer tumor & visualize the probability of presence of cancer and to assist diagnosis of prostate cancer location and clinical stage of medical staff clinical stage.

    JPC-01K is an AI medical system that detects the area of prostate cancer using multiparametric MR images. The system is based on artificial neural networks to analyze the MR images of the prostate cancer patients. The system uses multiparametric MR images, T2, DWI, and DCE, as input and visualizes the location of the prostate cancer and their probability.

    Physicians using our system can diagnose prostate cancer patients faster, more efficiently, and more accurately. JPC-01K is currently classified as ‘Computer Aided Diagnosis Software’ (A26430.14(3)) and has submitted application for large-scale and multi-center clinical trial to the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety in Korea.