Lung: JLD-02K


Lung Disease (X-ray)
X-ray based lung disease classification solution


Also available JLD-01K:



  • Early detection available
  • Diagnosis stabilized • Quantitative analysis to assist decision making in diagnosis
  • Less dependent on doctor's experience
  • Access management to enhance the security of the system
  • Convenient patient data management through PACS
  • Web-based solution: Users can use without installation


Based on the patient's chest X-ray data, the solution helps radiologists to identify which lung diseases the patient has by providing the type of lung disease it sees in the data, the probability of having  the disease and the location of lesion area.

JLD-02K is an AI medical system that diagnoses lung diseases using simple chest X-ray images and clinical information. This system is based on a hybrid artificial neural network technology for lesion detection and lung diseases classification. It also provides the AI analyzed probability of having each lung disease. It assists physicians to diagnose which lung diseases are shown on the image.


  • Lung diseases multi-label classification
  • Lung diseases lesion auto-detection and visualization
  • The probability of having each lung disease
  • Annotation tool for lesion marking and correction
  • Register and visualize clinical information
  • PACS-linked patient data management
  • Analysis result report